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Prime Minister of Canada, Trudeau Dresses as Superman for Halloween, Trudeau Dresses as Superman for Halloween (Photos)

Many people have been stunned after the Prime Minister of Canada opted to celebrate Halloween by dressing as Superman.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dressed as Clark Kent, whose alter ago is Superman, for Halloween this year, Dailymail has reported.

The President was spotted coming down the stairs of the House of Commons dressed as Kent, a bespectacled and introverted journalist for the fictional Daily Planet. But as he reaches the bottom of the stairs, he rips open his shirt to reveal a Superman logo, video from CBC News shows.

The Canadian leader was on his way to Question Period. Upon revealing his Superman shirt, he said in both English and French: ‘You know, gotta do it.’

He was later photographed at Ottawa’s Rideau Hall with his wife and three children, surrounded by fellow Halloween celebrators.

Superman is an iconic superhero who frequently saves the world in his story lines. A DC Comics character, he has appeared in thousands of editions since his 1938 debut. He has been portrayed by Henry Cavill in 2013’s ‘Man of Steel,’ 2016’s ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and ‘Justice League,’ which will be released in November 2017.

The character has previously been played by Brandon Routh and Christopher Reeve. Trudeau’s decision to dress as a journalist comes amid clashes between politicians and the media.

Figures from US President Donald Trump to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte have adopted hard stances against journalists, who they feel give them unfair coverage.

Trudeau dressed last year as a pilot from ‘Le Petit Prince,’ a children’s book. The year prior, he dressed as Han Solo, the iconic ‘Star Wars’ character portrayed by Harrison Ford.





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