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“Can D Sex Doll Squirt? Big Breasted Corper Compares Self To A Big Breasted Doll

The emergence of the sex doll has caused unrest and criticism from the female folks.

It is as a result of this that the male doll was also invented. Ladies will no longer complain about one minute men, Innovators have offered them a solution.

But a female twitter user who I have been following for some time now made some tweet regarding the dolls.
The lady who is a your Corp member shared the pictures of a very big breasted doll alongside hers and captioned it:

“Check out the two, they are both big, but which one u want? Natural or rubber? I can squirt like shower, can the doll squirt”

Well, to an extent she is making a whole lot of sense. There’s is nothing like natural.

Do You Agree With Her?




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